Designed by CCISDA Exclusively for California County IT Professionals!

  • Program designed for county IT professionals--not just CIOs
  • 5 Courses from CSAC County Leadership Series  
  • 5 Courses from CCISDA IT Leadership Series + a Capstone team project
  • Post class digital materials (templates, tools, etc.) from Info-Tech Research Group's IT Leadership blueprints
  • CSAC leadership courses are offered in Sacramento and at participating County Campuses throughout California
  • IT leadership courses are offered in Sacramento only
  • Classes are offered in-person and via virtual format
  • Upon completion, you will be awarded a Technology Executive Credential and pin at a ceremony at a CCISDA conference and a letter will be sent to your CAO/Board
  • An additional requirement is the Capstone Team Project, a requirement for completing the Technology Executive Credential program and a way for students to give back to CCISDA and all it's members across the state

What Does It Cost?

$1299 for this year-long program (non-refundable)

This fee covers the 10 classes you are required to complete.

BONUS! You may take one additional class from either class list, if you choose.

What Your Peers Are Saying About the Program

The CCISDA/CSAC Credential Program provided an environment for me to gain greater perspective into the services delivered by my County. Attending classes with CAO's, Board Members and Department Heads as my classmates forced me to look beyond technical topics and to the characteristics of a leader. I regularly recommend this program to others in my County. I enjoyed the program so much that after completing the credential, I went on to complete the requirements of the CSAC Institute Fellows program. ~Art Robison, Director of Information Systems, Butte County

Most of the credential program classes were interactive and provided an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration. I found that to be one of the best aspects of the program. Meeting IT counterparts from other agencies and working with the in-class tasks was a great experience. As a CIO from a small rural county, not all information that was provided in each class was always relevant to our environment, but I would have to say that in each class there were nuggets of information that I found very useful. The conversations that were sparked because of a question from the course material or from someone sharing an experience from their own environment was priceless. ~Tom Schreiber, CIO, Shasta County

How Do I Register?

  1. Register here for the CCISDA Credential Program.
  2. Review the CCISDA IT Leadership Course. You must take 5 of these classes.
  3. Review the Technology Executive Credential Qualifying Leadership Classes page. You must take 5 of these classes.
  4. Enroll in your classes on the CSAC Institute site

Register for the Technology Credential Program