The Institute offers the following credential opportunities to those who complete a designated number of credits:

  • Credentialed California County Supervisor (for elected county supervisors)
  • Credentialed California County Senior Executive (for senior executives: CAO/CEO, deputy or assistant CAO/CEO, elected and appointed department heads, senior analysts and senior managers)
  • Each credential requires completion of at least 30 credits: 15 credits are from the core courses (100 level); 15 are from elective courses (300 and 400 level). Most Institute courses are three credits.

Participants may earn a credential by registering for individual classes. Even if you are undecided about earning a Credential, the Institute keeps track of your participation so all courses completed can be counted towards the Credential requirements.

Recognition for Achievement

Institute participants who complete their Credential are recognized for their commitment to continuing their professional education.

Upon completion of a Credential participants receive:
  • Unique framed Credential
  • Lapel pin
  • Listing on the Institute website
  • Recognition at a CSAC annual conference
  • Listing displayed at CSAC Institute

Download the CSAC Institute Credential Brochure  for information on the Supervisor and Executive Credentials. Visit the Technology Credential site for details on that Credential.

CSAC Institute Credential Holders  (Updated 03 July 2023)