A challenging, advanced credential opportunity for county supervisors and senior executives

For Credentialed California Supervisors and Senior Executives, Institute Fellows provides a unique to advance your professional education through continued learning, participation in a challenging colloquium on contemporary practices in public sector leadership, and engagement with the Institute faculty.

Fellows complete additional coursework, participate in the intensive Fellows Seminar – examining enduring problems facing California Counties – and have the opportunity to serve on the faculty of the Institute. Fellows provide input on current and future Institute courses and provide other recommendations on the Institute. The Fellows Seminar consists of three one-day sessions spread over several months. As part of the Seminar participants examine a specific enduring problem and apply leadership practices and the expertise of the group to begin seeking sustainable solutions.

Fellows receive a personalized medallion and certificate in recognition of this superior achievement in continued education.

  • Encourage supervisors and senior executives to continue their education beyond the credential; to support life-long learning.
  • Provide participants with a challenging learning experience integrated with field practice and reflection.
  • Create a networked pool of Fellows to advance CSAC Institute principles.
  • Recognize each individual’s continuing education commitment and achievement.

Roster of all Fellows of the Institute

Institute Fellows is open to all individuals who have completed their Credential. To learn more, please download the Fellows Information .