CSAC William “Bill” Chiat Institute for Excellence in County Government

Founded in 2008, the CSAC Institute was created to meet demands from county supervisors and senior executives who have few accessible opportunities for professional continuing education. With increased demands from the communities, changing communities and workforce, ever-growing complexity of county business, and new people to the jobs, the demands are more challenging then ever. The economy and demands for effective local services from county officials make these times more trying then ever.

County officials recognize they don’t have the luxury of time to learn on-the-job and can’t afford to be without the best leadership and knowledge capacities to be as effective as possible.

To answer the call the CSAC Board of Directors created the CSAC William “Bill” Chiat Institute for Excellence in County Government; a continuing education resource for new and experienced California county elected officials, executives and senior staff.

Today the Institute is operated by the California Counties Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity, on behalf of the California State Association of Counties. The Foundation Board of Directors provides overall guidance and policy direction for the Institute.

Designed for County Supervisors and Senior Executives and Staff

CSAC Institute courses are designed specifically to meet the life-long learning and professional development essentials for:
  • County Supervisors and Elected Department Heads
  • County Executives, Department Directors and other Senior Executives
  • Managers and other Senior County Staff
  • Emerging Leaders
Few accessible learning opportunities are available to counties where participants can interact with their peers, share experiences and learn from each other. The Institute was created to meet this need.

CSAC Institute courses are a cost-effective resource designed to help you:
  • Ask better questions to get the information you need to quickly understand issues and make better decisions
  • Give better answers to questions and to more clearly interpret county government and policy issues to your constituents, the community, your employees
  • Expand the capacity of you and your resources, workforce and the community to be able to do ordinary things extraordinarily well
  • Strengthen leadership practices and knowledge competencies throughout the county organization and help prepare emerging leaders

Learning Opportunities You Expect

CSAC Institute provides professional, high quality continuing education experiences to you in a comprehensive manner.

Each course takes a practical approach and has real “take home” value.

The classes are designed around adult learning experiences so the instructors don’t talk at you. You’ll be actively engaged in your learning — sharing your expertise and experience with fellow participants. Expect hands-on activities, discussions, case studies, simulations and projects that involve you in your learning.

Every course is designed around a set of Leadership and Knowledge Competencies which define the expectations of elected officials and senior staff, and form the foundation of the Institute’s philosophy.

Some courses restrict who may attend so that fellow participants will be your peers. For example, some courses are limited to only county supervisors.

Courses include consistent leadership and knowledge competencies in their design and instruction so they build on each other rather than duplicate.

When possible you will find courses held before, after or even during other CSAC activities – like the annual conference – to help minimize travel costs and time.

What People Are Saying!

” The instructors were very knowledgeable and seemed to really enjoy teaching the course content, which is important from a learner’s perspective.” – Reyna Farrales, Deputy County Manager, San Mateo County
” Very engaging and on point for professionals and elected officials.” – Rick Haffey, CEO, Nevada County
” Good combination of ‘scratching the surface’ classroom activities and take home resources.” – County Supervisor